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Selecting a Compass course can be a complex process because many of the Compass requirements are already integrated into the degree plan for each UCCS major. Students have two great sources of information about selecting a course and checking your progress:

1. The UCCS Advising Office and your UCCS Advisor

Your advisor can review your courses so far and help you to select Compass courses to fit your requirements. You can contact your through the Current Students Tab on the UCCS Advising Website!

2. Your Degree Audit

On the UCCS Advising website, you can run a degree audit to check your progress so far. The degree audit will show which Compass requirements you have completed, and it will list options for completing your remaining requirements. You can learn how to run and interpret a degree audit on this video from the UCCS Advising Office.

How to Find Compass Courses in the "Course Search"

Many students report difficulty in selecting a Compass course to meet their requirements because they can be hard to identify using the "Course Search" tool in your student portal. This process is somewhat difficult since many Compass courses are offered on a rotation (not offered every semester).

You should always begin your search for a Compass course by talking with your UCCS Advisor.

However, many students need to look for a course on their own before or after talking with an advisor. These instructions describe how to run a search for a particular kind of Compass course.

  • Log in to your student portal through
  • Open the tab for "Records and Registration"
  • Click on the box for "Search for Classes."
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and open the window called "Advanced Search Criteria"
  • Find the box labeled "Class Attribute(Core, GT, Honors etc.)" and select "ColoSprings Compass Curriculum"
  • Find the box labeled "Course Attribute Value" and select the type of Compass course you are searching for
  • Enter any other search criteria you want and run the search!

Remember - don't use the "back" button or you will have to start your search over!