Quantitative Reasoning Course

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning Course

The Compass Curriculum goal of quantitative and qualitative reasoning proposes that well-educated people are able to think at a certain level of abstraction that includes competencies such as:

  • constructing a logical argument based on the rules of inference
  • analyzing and interpreting numerical data
  • applying mathematical methods to solve problems in  university work and daily life.  

The proficiency requirement of this goal thus has two principal objectives. The first is to provide students with the analytical tools used in core curriculum courses and in their major areas of study. The second is to help students acquire the reasoning skills necessary to assess adequately the problems that confront them in daily life.   This requirement can be satisfied by taking coursework in mathematics and in either logic/critical thinking or statistics.  These courses can be either in the major or outside the major. 

Courses approved by colleges for Quantitative Reasoning are automatically approved by the Compass Curriculum without additional review.