Compass Curriculum Syllabus Description

Syllabus Description

Compass Curriculum Syllabus Description

As you compose your course syllabus we ask that you please include a short description of how your course fits into the Compass Curriculum. For instance, if your course is designated as Explore with additional flagged components, like Writing Intensive, please include relevant Explore and Writing Intensive description points on your syllabus. We provide examples below that you can cut and paste into your syllabus and point out for your students.

Including these descriptors in your course materials will help reinforce for undergraduate students that the Compass Curriculum is a cohesive set of requirements for completing their UCCS degrees, a message that aligns with information students receive during orientation, advising, and in their other Compass Curriculum courses. As faculty you led general education revision. We need your help reinforcing the importance of the Compass Curriculum in an intentional way for your students.

Please include the following in your course syllabus for your Compass Curriculum approved course:

This course is part of the Compass Curriculum. The Compass Curriculum is the signature undergraduate education program at UCCS for all majors and all colleges. This program endeavors to provide you with the tools for professional and personal success that you will need when you graduate. The program includes skills that employers say that they want students to have from their education (critical thinking, oral and written communication, ethics, innovation, problem-solving, understanding inclusiveness, and sustainability).

Please include the following descriptions of the Compass Curriculum as appropriate for your course. Feel free to revise which Essential Learning Outcomes are listed for your course, but please include an appropriate set from this list.

Compass Essential Learning Outcomes and course goals:

GPS 1010—Gateway Program Seminar
Writing Program Courses
Quantitative Reasoning Courses
Writing Intensive
Summit Experience