Inclusiveness (Global / Diversity)


Inclusiveness (Global / Diversity)

What is the objective of an Inclusiveness GE course?

Deliver on the promise of Compass Curriculum Goal 3, which is to Act and Interact. This goal states, "Students will cultivate self-awareness and understanding of their impact-locally, nationally, and globally.  Students will be prepared to participate effectively in a society that encompasses diverse experiences, perspectives, and realities. Compass Curriculum Goal 3, specifies that students learn about "Inclusiveness," and develop "competencies for cultural responsiveness across social differences in contexts ranging from local to global."

Show students how their understandings of different social and global perspectives are relevant to their education, careers, and lives.

Build on the existing strengths and uniqueness of UCCS in education around inclusiveness-locally, nationally, and globally.

The Inclusiveness integrated requirement would further our curricular and institutional efforts as articulated in the UCCS Strategic Plan 2012-201 under three strategic plan goals:

  • Foster academic programs that serve diverse communities and develop intellectually curious graduates who are globally and culturally competent.
  • Substantially increase international and domestic multicultural program opportunities and the number of international students and scholars on campus to build cultural understanding and to develop the global competencies of the UCCS community.
  • Build an inclusive UCCS educational community that attracts, embraces, and supports diverse students, faculty and staff to advance learning and scholarship in a multicultural world.