Gateway Program Center

Gateway Program Center

Gateway Program Center

What is the objective of the Gateway Program Seminar?

Welcome students to the university and provides a high impact educational experience for all first-year college students.

Introduce students to an academic culture, including concepts of responsible engagement, intellectual inquiry, methods, and civil discourse.

Strengthen the academic skills students need for success at the university.

Provide initial instruction for students on Compass Curriculum Goals addressing: oral communication and responsibility.  The purpose of oral communication is to enhance students' public speaking/presenting skills and/or extend their understanding of communication processes and skills to other contexts such as interpersonal communication, group communication, or digital, visual, and performance media.  The purpose of responsibility is to alert students to the need to act in a conscientious and respectful manner towards peers, colleagues, and fellow citizens, and to make decisions about one's action that are in conformance with disciplinary, civic, and more general ethical principles.  After this initial introduction and instruction, students will continue to develop these skills and understandings through their coursework.

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Some students may be eligible for an exemption from GPS. Please visit for more information.