Compass Curriculum FAQs


Compass Curriculum FAQs

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What is the new Compass Curriculum program?
What are Critical Components?
How will this affect my students?
How do Explore courses relate to LAS Area Requirements?
How many Explore courses can my department propose to the GE program?
Can an Explore course be upper division?
Are all Explore courses open to students from all majors?
Can a course offered from a student's major department count towards their Explore courses?
How many Explore courses can a student take in the area of their minor?
What if a student takes an Explore course worth more credits than the minimum 3 for their course? For example, what if a student takes a 5 credit course instead of a 3 credit course? Can two credits count towards their LAS area requirements?
LAS DOG requirements and the Inclusiveness (Diversity/Global) requirement How do courses that are approved for the LAS DOG requirement fit within the new GE framework?
Integrated Components (Writing Intensive, Inclusiveness, and Sustainability) Are courses within the Writing Intensive, Inclusiveness, or Sustainability components required to be upper division?
What type of support is available for faculty as they revise courses to include more writing?
Can a course count in both a main category (Explore, Navigate, Summit), and as Integrated Component (Inclusiveness, Writing Intensive, Sustainability)?
Are all Navigate courses open to students from all majors?
Can a Navigate course be lower division?
Can courses count as both Explore and Navigate?
Can a course offered with a disciplinary perspective within a student's major count towards their Navigate?