Compass Curriculum Submission


Compass Curriculum Submission

Compass Application Form

Compass Applications

Using this form, faculty may apply to have Compass flags added, renewed, or removed from courses by clicking on the link above. After submission, applications must be reviewed and approved by the chair of the department offering the course (this process is automated through the application system). Once applications have been approved by the department chair, they will be routed to the Compass Leadership Team for review. This process may take up to two months to complete, and the faculty submitting the application will be notified automatically by email once the application has been reviewed.

  • Faculty submitting applications to add NEW flags to courses in most Compass Requirements are asked to attend a brief meeting with the Compass Curriculum Committee to discuss their course. We will reach out to you directly to schedule the meeting.
  • If a course is submitted for Explore flags only, we will not invite you to meet the committee unless we have concerns about the application.
  • Courses in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences applying to add NEW Compass flags must also be reviewed and approved by the LAS Curriculum and Requirements Committee which may add up to one month to the total review process.
  • Applications to RENEW courses are only reviewed by the committees for each area rather than the full Compass Curriculum Committee, and faculty are not asked to attend meetings.
  • Because the process for renewing and adding new flags is quite different, a separate form is required to add a new flag and to renew an existing flag.
  • Cross-listed versions of a course require seperate forms - see note below.

On-Base Form Information - Please Review

Compass uses UCCS's campus-wide system for generating and tracking forms, On-Base

  • You must submit the first version of the form in one setting. You cannot save partial work in On-Base and return later. We recommend preparing your answers in advance based on the list of questions below.
  • The On-Base system does NOT autosave. You must click submit any time you wish to save work.
  • Once submitted, forms submitted by faculty cannot be edited until they are reviewed by a Department Chair.
  • If you run into any issues with On-Base, please contact Phillip Haisley,

To Do Before Submitting

To prepare for your submission, you can review the following resources.

1. Read the Curriculum Description for each designation you will apply for.

2. Read the list of questions for each compass designation and prepare your answers.

3. Discuss the application with your Department Chair and collect their name and email address so they can approve the course.

4. Prepare a sample syllabus for the course which meets the designation requirements.

  • Be sure to include the Compass Syllabus Descriptions and Learning Objectives in the Sample Syllabus
  • Be sure your syllabus aligns with your answers to the question and demonstrates when and how the learning objectives will be met. If your syllabus does not contain a course schedule, please submit a sample course schedule as a supplemental document.
  • Please ensure your syllabus aligns with the Provost's guidelines on minimum required elements on a syllabus:
    • Contact Info and Office Hours
    • Expectations for Assignments
    • Materials Needed for the Course
    • Course Policies and Expectations

Information about Renewal Applications

In fall of 2021, the Compass Curriculum transitioned our application system to a new software (from Cherwell into OnBase). Many courses scheduled for renewal have existing files in Cherwell with data and language that may be helpful as you apply to renew your course with Compass. If you would like to be emailed a copy of your previous application for a course, please reach out directly to Phillip Haisley -

If you have any questions about submitting a course for Compass approval, please contact Phillip Haisley -

Special Information for Cross-Listed Courses

To aid in record keeping for the campus registrar, each version of a cross-listed courses must be submitted using a separate application form. For example, if a course is cross-listed as both SOC 2020 and WEST 2020, a separate form must be created for each course. The content of the forms may be identical. If a cross-listed course is submitted, each version must be approved by the respective Department Chair. For example the Department Chair or WEST must approve the WEST course and the Department Chair of SOC must approve the SOC course.