Explore Courses


Explore Courses

What is the Objective of Explore Courses? The “Explore” component encompasses three courses that expose students to a breadth of disciplinary perspectives and methods. To this end, the courses that satisfy this component are meant to provide a broad level of understanding within a particular discipline. Students are required to take 3 courses (3 credits each = total 9 credits), but each one of those courses is from a different category. This type of engagement encourages students to explore disciplinary perspectives in order to gain a breadth of knowledge. Each student will be required to complete one course in each category outside of their major discipline.

What is the Structure? The three categories are drawn directly from Goal 2: Know and Explore of the Compass Curriculum Goals. The concepts are rooted in the traditional academic divisions (arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences), but expand on them to include courses offered by the professional colleges and allow for course offerings beyond disciplinary constraints.

Approved Courses - Explore: Society, Health, and Behavior

Approved Courses - Explore: Arts, Humanities, and Cultures

Approved Courses - Explore: Physical and Natural World