Navigate Course


Navigate Course

What is the objective of a Navigate course?

Provide UCCS students with a common educational experience at the upper-division level that broadly expands their perspective beyond their major discipline, thus clarifying the value and relevance of Compass Curriculum learning and skills to their future work and lives.

Engage students actively in applying and integrating knowledge, which is drawn from a range of disciplines and includes advanced-level critical and creative thinking.  

Promote curricular and intellectual connections between students' Compass Curriculum and major coursework, while providing students an opportunity to integrate their learning well beyond their disciplinary area of study, thus distinguishing the Navigate course from the major Capstone experience.

All Navigate courses center on the idea of "Knowledge In Action." Faculty from a broad range of disciplines  teach courses centered on how engagement in real world endeavors is informed by academic knowledge. These courses underline the reality that putting ideas into action increasingly requires a broad-based understanding and an even broader ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.