Compass Curriculum Waiver Petition

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Compass Course Waiver Petition

This form is for students to request an exemption or waiver from one or more portions of the Compass Curriculum under special circumstances. 

UCCS Advisors can review students transfer course work and make course replacements for the following categories:

  • Explore Courses
  • Lower Division Writing Intensive

Students wishing to use a different course to meet a Compass Requirement in the following areas must submit a petition use the Compass Requirement Replacement Petition form found here:

  • Navigate
  • Inclusiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Upper Division Writing Intensive

The following Compass requirements cannot be waived or replaced with transfer courses and must be completed at UCCS:

  • Summit Experience
  • Writing Portfolio

If you wish to petition to have your GPS requirement waived, see this form.

Petitions such as this are only accepted when students can make a persuasive case that they have met the learning objectives of these course requirements through another means.

These circumstances might include:

  • You have demonstrated this learning through military or career experience
  • You have demonstrated this learning over a number of courses (rather than a single transfer course)
  • You have completed previous degrees which required you to demonstrate these skills.

The Compass Director is the ultimate authority for exceptions to requirements and policies for this campus-wide education program.

Student Information

Have you discussed this petition with your advisor?
Your Request
In your letter of explanation, please describe the experiences or certifications you have which have allowed you to meet the learning objectives for these courses. Please make specific reference to the date and nature of this experience and the learning objectives for the requirement you are petitioning to waive. Detailed descriptions of these courses can be found on the curriculum tab of this website.