Replacements and Waivers


Compass Course Replacements and Waivers

Many students arrive at UCCS with equivalent courses or experiences that meet the requirements for the Compass Curriculum. The information and links below explain how you can petition to use previous course work and experience to meet Compass requirements.

Many courses have been approved the State of Colorado to meet Guaranteed Transfer (GT-Pathways) requirements. UCCS accepts all GT-Pathways courses for their appropriate designations.

UCCS Advisors may review a student's transfer course work from other institutions to make course substitutions for:

  • Explore courses
  • Lower Division Writing Intensive requirements.
    • Advisors may count sophomore to senior level transfer courses that meet WI criteria as lower-division WI credit at UCCS.

Use the "Compass Requirement Replacement Request" application to petition to substitute a course for

  • Navigate
  • Inclusiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Upper Division Writing Intensive credit.

Use the "Compass Requirement Wavier Request" application to petition to be exempt from a Compass requirement because you have met these learning objectives in another manner (eg career or military experience or learning across multiple courses).

See the "GPS Waiver Policies" link for information about applying to be exempt from the Gateway Program Seminar (GPS).

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Course Substitution Application

Compass Waiver Application

GPS Waiver Policies