Student Assessment


Student Assessment

Student Assessment Overview

Welcome to the Student Assessment page!

UCCS regularly recruits students to take standardized tests as a way to measure learning on our campus. We compensate students for the time they spend on the tests with digital Amazon gift cards delivered by email. Many times students can also be entered in a raffle for larger gift cards

The sections below explain the tests we are currently administering, how you will be compensated, and instructions for taking the test.

  • The results of the test do not impact your GPA or graduation in anyway.
  • When you complete an exam, we will ask for some basic information like your student ID and email. We use this information for research purposes so we can link test results to the courses students have taken.
  • The results are carefully protected to ensure your privacy and they are only reported out in averages by major. No student names or identifiers are included in final reports.
  • Each test is targeted to a specific group of students (for instance seniors of freshmen). Please do not take the test if you are not in the target group.

If you have any questions or concerns about the test, feel free to email me directly at

Freshmen - Proficiency Profile - $10 plus a $50 raffle
Seniors - Civic Competency & Engagement - $10 plus a $50 raffle
Seniors - Proficiency Profile - $10 plus a $50 raffle