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ANTH 3380- Evolutionary Medicine and Health
INOV 3010- Innovation Team: Research and Execute
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
HSCI 3630- Culture and Health
College of Business
ACCT 4960- Internship in Accounting
BUAD 4000- Business, Government, Law and Society
BUAD 4960- Internship in General Business
FNCE 4960- Internship in Finance
HRMG 4960- Internship in Human Resources
INFS 4960- Internship in Information Systems
INTB 4960- Internship in International Business
MGMT 4960- Internship in Management
PGMT 2100- Cooperative Internship IIa
PGMT 2110- Cooperative Internship IIb
SPTM 3960- Internship
College of Education
COUN 4500- Wellness, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence
LEAD 3000- How College Students Develop
LEAD 3010- Diversity and Inclusiveness in Higher Education
College of Engineering
ECE 3001- Electronic Projects
ECE 3610- Engineering Probability and Statistics
ENGR 3040- Engineering Ethics
MAE 3040- Engineering Ethics
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
BIOL 3240- Perspectives on Biological Sustainability
BIOL 3750- Conservation Ecology
COMM 3240- Business and Professional Communication
COMM 3280- Intercultural and Global Communication
ENGL 3170 - Riverrun Literary and Arts Journal
ENGL 3421- Nature’s Nation: Sustainability and American Literature
ENGL 3423 -American Eco-Gothic: Literature Film Theory
HUM 3990- Special Topics in the Humanities
HUM 3993- Special Topics in the Humanities/Sustainability
HUM 3995- Special Topics in the Humanities/Inclusiveness
HUM 3997- Special Topics in the Humanities/Sustainability and Inclusiveness
GES 3410- Sonic Landscapes, Eco Acoustic Art / MUS 3410
HIST 3040- Sex, Marriage, Death in Pre-Industrial Europe
HIST 3480- Ideas, Identities, and Indiscretions: Transformations in Early Modern Europe (1400-1800 c.e.)
HIST 4130- Baghdad to Burgos: Jews, Christians, & Muslims in the Medieval Mediterranean World (600-1500 c.e)
HIST 4280- Beyond the Pillars of Hercules: The Trans-Atlantic Empires of Spain and Portugal (1450 - 1750)
PHIL 3000- Cosmology and Culture
PHIL 3050 - Cyborgs and Monsters
PHIL 3130- Ethics of Life and Health
PHIL 3210- Capitalism: a Love Affair
PHIL 3240- Images of War and Terrorism
PSY 3630- Sex Crimes Against Children/ CJ-3060
PSY 3900- Geography Summit
SOC 4450- Global Field Experience
SOC 4480 - Racial Story Telling Montgomery Course/WEST 4480
WEST 4480- Racial Story Telling Montgomery Course/SOC 4480
MUS 3410- Sonic Landscapes, Eco Acoustic Art /GES 3410
MUS 4250- The Business of Music: Entrepreneurship and Creative Enterprise
School of Public Affairs
CJ 3630- Sex Crimes against Children
CJ 3990- Art, Graffiti and Crime
CJ 4190- Women and Crime